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Why certifications?

Locally and abroad, agencies and authorities demand certification of documents. In order to make sure that the target text corresponds to the source text, translations require certification by an authorised or sworn translator.


When does this requirement set in?

If you’d like to transfer your business activities abroad, you will need certified translations of your documents. Notarial certifications, shareholders’ agreements, excerpts from the commercial register, audit reports and annual financial statements are representative of many other documents which must be certified by a translator authorised by the Regional Court.
Even in the private sector, certifications by an authorised translator are necessary: In order to get married abroad, birth certificates and certificates of celibacy translated by a sworn translator have to be presented. You have to present certified translations of your certificates, degrees and doctoral dissertations if you are looking for a work permit abroad.

With his certification, the authorised/publicly appointed translator confirms the accuracy and completeness of the translation with a certification formula, his signature and his stamp.


Who can certify translations?

In the Federal Republic, only translators authorised, appointed or sworn by the respective Higher Regional Court are allowed to certify translations.

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